We offer programs including rental of dishwashers, kitchen cleaning products and dilution systems, a full line of bathroom sanitary ware, and a set of containers for food delivery. . In addition, we provide routine maintenance and are available for emergency services 7/7 J.

SERVICELAB is proud of its commitment to providing quality products and professional service to its customers for 20 years. Being a Quebec company, our values are nothing less than serving those who ask for it and always with a smile and the desire to satisfy. And we do it for no less than 2000 customers across Canada.

And this with respect for the environment. In today’s world, it is no longer possible to close our eyes to the impact of man on our ecosystem. And SERVICELAB is well aware of this. This is why our delivery trucks have been electric since 2023 and the majority of our products are recyclable*, reusable and made from renewable resources.


Our team is the very reflection of our values. Bringing together members from all over the world and speaking different languages, this gives us the advantage of being able to serve you regardless of your culture or your language.

David Budman
President of Servicelab
“When large restaurateurs or large hotel/restaurant chains need service, they contact a large supplier. But when you’re a smaller business/restaurant/hotel, those same big providers can’t give you the same level of service they offer the big chains. And this is where we act. SERVICELAB offers a 7/7 service and offers all possible tools (dishwasher, dilution system, rack, charter, liquid product, food container, etc.) so that small restaurants and businesses are able to operate with the same level of quality. than the bigger ones.”

dilution systems – bathroom sanitary items